I will dance forever

dance more

I am a hip-hop dancer by choice and by career. I am very passionate about my job.

I am also a successful choreographer and have my own dance academy.

I also make sure I manage family and professional life better. I am blessed with a loving and understanding family. My in-laws as well as my husband are very understanding and supportive with respect to my future plans and career planning.

Of course, there was a time when the question of when to start a family came between us. I was presuming that my husband will pressurize me into having kids and put a full stop to my career. On the contrary, he advised me to go to a gynecologist with him.

We did so and she advised me to start on Unwanted 21 Days. I did so and I must tell you that it has no adverse effect on my lifestyle. Moreover, it gives me more choice to spend quality time with my husband.

Thanks Unwanted 21 Days for everything.

Image courtesy: hdwallpaperup


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