When you are not ready for unwanted burden, stick to Unwanted 21 Days

Unwanted burden

It is high time, every woman, who has access to the best of the facilities, struggle hard and make a mark in the society. It is high time, women around us challenge conventional roles assigned to them and get engaged in something, which they wish to live for. Most of the Indian society loves to associate motherhood with a woman, which in practical terms refers to the enforcement of patriarchal norms. Here is what you can do is to stick to your words:

  • Be confident about what you wish to do in your life. You don’t have to follow the footprints of your siblings or for that matter anybody else to prove the point.
  • No one else but you is the owner of your body. So, it is you who need to decide who or what should touch your body and when.
  • Be cozy only when you wish to be. Never let your partner take hold of your body, without your consent.
  • A woman is always expected to play certain pre-defined roles, failing which she faces the worst of discrimination. But, it is time to look back and say ‘no’, if you are not comfortable to play a particular role in real life.
  • It is important for a woman to have a space of her own, and to get a possession of this space, one needs to have financial independence.
  • Bringing a new life into this world deserves serious attention and fetches intense responsibility. For today’s parents, it’s not about mere producing babies.
  • Plan the pregnancy in advance. Marriage is not synonymous to parenthood at any cost. So, even if you are forced to get married, you are free to plan the baby after a mutual discussion.

It is always better to rely on contraceptives like Unwanted 21 Days to be the master of your body. Because womanhood is not an option but motherhood is.

Image Courtesy: lessonsfromtheendofamarriage


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