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Unwanted 21-days

I am a female cab driver. It might sound a little weird but female cab drivers do exist! And what makes us amazing as compared to the male drivers is our ability to adapt to different circumstances. We love our job as equally as we love our family. Unlike the usual male chauvinists who believe in just concentrating on their careers, we manage our professional life and do all the household chores too.

I am a very ambitious woman and never leave any stone unturned in focusing on my career and planning a better life for my husband and I. However, there was one thing that made me feel a little skeptical about moving forward. That was planning to have a family. My situation was such that I had to take care of the finances as well as manage the whole household.

I went to my gynecologist and she prescribed me Unwanted 21 days. She said that it is the safest solution to have kids at a proper time and with an appropriate age gap, without creating any hindrance to my career and health. It has been few years for me now and I feel so energetic.

Thank you Unwanted 21 days for making dreams come true for me.

Image courtesy: bobspropshop


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