Love yourself


After her first baby, Meera had a lot of responsibilities of her family as well as her child. She was living with her in-laws and had to take care of everyone’s needs, their likes and dislikes.

She became so busy in looking after her baby and in other household work that her intimate days with her husband, disappeared. Somewhere she started losing love and bonding with her husband.

One day, her in-laws shared their wish of another grandchild. Meera got devastated by their desire and she wanted to scream “one more baby, how will I manage, can I live on my own terms and decisions?” She desperately wanted her husband’s support. She decided that this is her life and she will live on her own conditions.

Next morning, she went to the market and bought a pack of unwanted 21 days, an oral contraceptive tablets. This decision was for her, for her freedom, for her own time, for being herself and getting back her most precious time with her husband. Unwanted21 days gave her the confidence of being herself again and to live her life to the fullest.

Image Courtesy: bodyharmony


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