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Unwanted 21 Days

He liked her but didn’t do anything except looking at her and following her around. She too liked him but didn’t talk to him out of hesitation. Both of them spent 3 years together in the same college and went to the same company for internship. This was the height of shyness but both of them were still reluctant to move the story forward. The ‘He’ and ‘She’ here are my husband and I. This is our story. Both of us were too timid to talk to each other.

Our feelings were quite visible to our friends. Through a mutual friend, we started talking to each other. One fine day, both of us expressed our love and decided to take things further. Our families approved of our marriage and we turned into a couple soon. After marriage, we focused on supporting each other in every phase of life. Understanding the priorities of our relationship and professional lives, we decided to spend some time together without the responsibility of a baby.

One of our friends suggested us to consult a Gynecologist before taking any measure. We fixed an appointment and discussed our situation. She (Gynecologist) advised me to take Unwanted 21 Days tablets, which is a safe oral contraceptive. This is one of the easiest ways to avoid unwanted pregnancy. I just need to take one tablet a day for 21 days and this gave me complete freedom to plan my future with respect to my priorities.

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