Blessing and Curse

Women giving birth to a baby should be a blessing, not a curse. For a blessing to remain a blessing, there should be an approval otherwise it will feel like a curse or you could say unwanted.

A single mistake could make you pregnant and without proper planning, you would be bound to pay for a lifetime. Bringing a new life to this world needs proper care and one has to be mentally prepared for it.

Every woman is strong and capable of planning her life, the way she wants to. It’s her decision whether her body is ready for motherhood or not. If she wants to keep motherhood aside until she wants, the society should not lay their decisions on her.

As per her wish, a woman can choose when to be to a mother by using unwanted21 days, a contraceptive tablet designed especially to avoid unplanned pregnancy to give every women power over her body.

A woman’s body is very sensitive and should be taken care of with special treatment. Unwanted21 days comes as a blessing, to help them live their life fully and to be themselves and not what others want them to be.

Image Courtesy: ashleiwells


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