Reasons Why Women Are Worried Of Intimacy


As far as the whole animal kingdom is concerned, human beings are the only species who don’t have sex just to procreate. Making love is much more than just having children. It’s a mode to express one’s love and affection.

And I’ll not be wrong if I say, women are more anxious than men. Unresolved concerns pertaining to sex often affect their performance in bed. This pushes them to a deep state of alienating themselves from their partners.

Here are a few things about which the women are worried about while making love:

  • The Physical Appearance: Women are the most conscious ones when it comes to their own physical appearance. Disfigured bodies, small cup size or oversized parts are the common things which can make them uncomfortable and feel insecure. They may go into a frozen foot state, even if they think of getting undressed.
  • No Protection:Men always want to be a knight without an armor and thus they proceed unprotected. This again makes a female apprehensive. Nobody wants to get infected with a Sexually Transmitted Disease. And hence, women think adversely.
  • Imperfect Mood: This daily work, busy schedule, tiring daily life or any illness can ruin the mood. Then the male partner also gets a red signal signifying ‘not today’.
  • Unwanted Pregnancy:The risk of an unplanned pregnancy is the greatest nightmare of a woman. This is the reason why women usually take their steps back when it comes to lovemaking. There are various contraceptive tablets, like Unwanted21 Days which protects you from unwanted pregnancy.

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