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When I became pregnant, I was a 21-year-old second-year student studying Hindi, with no hopes of a stable post-graduation life. It was a scary time of my life, even though it was also the best. I never reconsidered or regretted my choices ever. I married my college mate as we loved each other a lot. His condition was no different than mine, a hard working chap, but since he was a fresher, he wasn’t earning much.

Our baby was born two weeks before my summer final exams. I knew that being a brand-new mom with extensive course load would be one of the hardest things I’d ever done, and it was. I chose to return to college in August to successfully finish my final semester of postgraduate studies.

Love knows no bounds, my husband likes to go unprotected while making love, and therefore I was very certain of getting pregnant again. I asked myself, what can I afford? What can my body and lifestyle bear? How will this affect what I want to do next? Everyone has their own reasons for choosing abortion, but many of those decision-making factors are tied to problems like health care, unemployment, loan debt, and relationship stability.

I spoke to my friend about it and luckily, she came up with a better idea. She suggested me Unwanted21 days, an oral contraceptive tablet. Choosing to prevent pregnancy or to get pregnant and then have an abortion was an easy choice to make. I knew that an abortion was a responsible decision, but taking a morning after a tablet was better as prevention is better than cure.

I was aware that adding another child to the family would only complicate things even further. I didn’t have the resources to devote to two children who would’ve been very close in age. Unwanted21 days allowed me to be the best mom I could be for my son. This option made me a strong woman and a strong mom who is confident about herself. It gave me the liberty to get pregnant at the right time and plan accordingly.

Prevention of pregnancy and motherhood are two sides of the same coin: making decisions about whether parenthood is right for you. My decision to prevent pregnancy, just like my decision to bring a child into this world, was made from love.

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