Tips to Increase the Effectiveness of Oral Contraceptive Tablets

Contraceptive tablet

After marriage, becoming parents at the right time is the main concern for every couple. It can only be a wise decision when both the partners are ready. They must understand the responsibility of a baby and the physical and psychological changes a woman goes through. A couple must only be ready when a woman is physically and mentally prepared for a baby.

Many women go for oral contraceptive tablets. But you must keep the following tips in mind while using them so that they can have optimal effect on your body.

They are:

Never miss a daily contraceptive tablet – A woman must never forget to take the contraceptive tablet. However, if you do just take the tablet as soon as you remember.

Take your contraceptive tablet at regular times – In case you forget to take the tablet on time, set an alarm in your mobile. When you take the tablet at irregular times, it lowers the effectiveness of the tablet.

Avoid unprotected sex during your period – Keep one thing in mind that there is no safe time to have an unprotected sex. The majority of the people think that whilst you are on your period you can’t get pregnant, which is completely wrong.

For a reliable contraceptive tablet, you can consult a Gynecologist. They have complete knowledge of the tablets available in the market and can guide you. According to the Gynecologists, Unwanted 21 Days is a reliable oral contraceptive available in the market. The strip consists of 21 tablets and the process is to be started from the first day of the menstrual cycle. Make sure you consult your Gynecologist about its usage before starting on them.

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