My daughter’s first steps into marital life


When my daughter got married I felt like my life had come full circle. I felt the hesitation, thousands of apprehensions, doubts, and anxieties that Sugandha might be going through. My daughter Sugandha agreed to have an arranged marriage but was very serious about her job. She wanted to remain financially independent even after her marriage. What upset me was the thought of her being dependent on her husband for family planning.

Her husband Abhishek was a sensible boy, but an over passionate moment could bring a great risk of unplanned outcomes. A woman, who is an equal partner in the relationship, should have equal opportunity to decide the fate of her family. When I was a wife, there were times when I felt a little helpless. I feel regret that sometimes I didn’t take delight in being intimate with my husband because of the tension of an unwanted pregnancy. But back then I didn’t know much about contraceptives.

I didn’t want my daughter to experience that, I wanted her to live every moment with happiness, joy, and contentment. Like two equal partners, she should have a share in both rights and responsibilities. After much discussion with my gynecologist friend, I decided to gift my daughter what I feel is one of the keys to a happy marriage.  With Unwanted 21 days, Sugandha says that she feels more relaxed and peaceful, and her bond with Abhishek is flowering into something beautiful and joyous.

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