A note to my past self

I have always been the soul-searching types. I strive to be perfect and learn from my mistakes. I try to adapt myself to the surroundings and environment of wherever I go.

Ever since I got married I felt that I need to be the perfect wife, the perfect sister-in-law and the perfect daughter-in-law. What I did not realize at that time that I was forgetting myself and becoming somebody else in order to please everybody.

I now know that it is foolishness to keep everyone happy because happiness is a feeling that starts with you and nobody is responsible for your happiness except for you. I succumbed to the family pressure and had kids at the time when I was not physically as well as psychologically prepared.

A healthy age gap between my kids was also something I was concerned about but it was also not possible.

After all this realization, I decided to put my foot down and stood up for myself. I believed in the philosophy of #PregnancyJabTumChaho. After all, it is my body and my future that will be changing. So when my husband wanted to have a third child, I asked him to wait for sometime until the kids grow up. After much discussion, we went to the gynecologist and she advised me to have Unwanted 21 Days. She said it is a good brand to go for and a good method of contraception. My life will be in my control and that is what I ever wanted.

I want to tell my past self that you are in control of your future and happiness and nobody can take that away from you. Be confident and free like a bird!


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