Can we just mind our own business

Happy couple

Many amongst us don’t know the accurate meaning of the words ‘privacy’ and ‘unwanted’. I don’t mean etymological  meaning, but the connotation. Let me explain you a real life situation, taking example of two of my close relatives.

After dating each other for 6 years, they got married in 2010. The husband works with an advertising firm and the wife is a PRO. Anyone can say looking at them that they are happily married. She works in night shift and her husband in day shifts. They live in Delhi, miles away from hometown, but they make sure they talk to their parents for at least an hour, every day.

It sounds fine. They must be happy. Right! But, they are not. They are not, because their acquaintances have issues with their strict family planning. It’s been six years now and she doesn’t wish to be a mother. The worst thing could ever happen was her sister-in-law discovering a cover of Unwanted 21. The lady just pervaded into the privacy of that couple. The wife was harassed in front of her in-laws, just because she didn’t wish to be a mother.

This is what happens in our country. We love to poke in other’s privacy. We not only love gossip about other’s bedroom talks, we want to regulate other’s life too.  Can’t we just mind our own business? Why do we expect every couple to be parents at all? Isn’t it something only the couple should decide? May be we are yet to know the meaning of liberty too. People want their private space, but they don’t mind bothering a childless couple’s life with unwanted, unwelcome, irritating queries.

Image Courtesy: socucsbedu


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