Choose the Right Contraceptive Tablet for Yourself

unwantred 21 days

There are a lot of contraceptive tablets available in the market today but you have to choose the right one. Having such tablets without consulting the gynecologist may lead to side effects in the long run. Before consuming any contraceptive tablet, one must consult the Gynecologist. They will guide you about the tablets that would work much better in the ongoing, specific circumstances.

For avoiding pregnancy, contraceptive tablets are one of the most common measures. There are different brands of oral tablets available in the market. Unwanted 21 Days is one such birth control tablet that is highly recommended by the Gynecologists. Women are advised to start the process from the first day of their menstrual cycle and finish the first strip of tablets in next 20 days. Then give a gap of 7 days and continue with a new pack again. Most of the women prefer it as it is an easy contraception method.

Few Tips:

  • Always ensure to take the tablet daily at exactly the same time. Set a reminder on your mobile phone to help you.
  • Never miss any dose. If you have missed a tablet, take that as soon as you remember. You can take two tablets within 24 hours – in case you have missed. But, never take more than two tablets within 24 hours.
  • Do keep your gynecologist informed about any developments with respect to your health.

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