Regain Control Of Yourself


Finally the day arrived, She got married to her man and moved in with him in a different house from her In-laws. Her husband and she herself are placed in a MNC and it was difficult for them to shift in with her in-laws. Her in-laws loved her a lot and arranged them a honeymoon deliberately. She had fun with her husband on her honeymoon and she was very happy to have such nice in-laws. Soon, she gave birth to a baby and it was the most amazing thing that has happened to the family yet.

Time passed by but she did not recover from her weakness caused due to her pregnancy. She became ill and psychologically disturbed as she was always asked the same question again and again that when is she planning to have another baby? She had no idea of how to tell her in-laws about her plan of not having a baby for the next 3 years. She used to become numb and nervous when asked about the baby; this deteriorated her feeling of freedom and she strived to survive with the same each passing day. Her husband did not want to understand the situation and forced her to have one more baby.

Poorly depressed, distressed, disturbed woman had no choice but to take a stand for herself and look towards contraceptive pills. She ignored everyone and took Unwanted21 days to avoid another pregnancy that she was not ready for soon after her first baby. She wanted a gap; Unwanted21 days helped her in becoming confident about her body and regaining her lost health. She is independent, she is free, she is confident, she is bold because she has Unwanted21 days.

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