Don’t Stop Her from Dreaming


Every second a new life sprouts in this country. Yes, I’m talking about India, a nation which is on the verge of becoming the most populated country in the world. Some are born with a silver spoon and some have to experience gloom right from childhood. Yet, there are individuals who irrespective of their circumstances don’t give up on their dreams. For them, the purpose of living is to live their dreams. ‘Being optimistic’ is their mantra of living and negativity is strictly prohibited from entering their lives.

I’ve seen the exact attributes in my daughter. Her achievements have always made me happy, making me a proud mom in front of her friends and their parents. Being a widow, times were tough for me but she never complained. At a very young age, she attained maturity which is beyond expectations from a young girl of her age. She supported me emotionally when everything seemed against me and now she is the only family I’ve got.

I don’t know whom to thank, God or her dad for leaving behind a wonderful soul like her. No one is perfect, nor was she but I always felt she is very close to the line which defines perfection. Being a mother you may feel I’m exaggerating but she is actually special. Her outstanding achievements in school, right from the academics to the extracurricular made her a wonderful student in front of her teachers. She always aspired to be an athlete and serve the nation. I cherished seeing her work towards her ambition and did everything possible to let her achieve her goals.

Unlike other parents, I never stopped her from dreaming and had faith in her that she would make it through every thick and thin. One step at a time, she was climbing the stairway of success. Her hard work finally paid off when she won the National title of 100 meters sprint. The achievement unlocked many new opportunities and now she was eligible to participate in both national and international events.

Everything was going great and she was at the top of her career. Winning hearts across borders and bringing glory to the nation, she became a new sensation in the sports arena. But at times gods do not favor us. My daughter too faced complications as she got married and was unable to perform as she used to. Prevailing issues almost cost her a spot in the national team. Looking into the serious concerns, she along with her physiotherapist visited a doctor. After a routine checkup, the doctor asked her to focus on her diet. Her nutrition intake was lacking vitamins and as a matter of fact her performance had degraded gradually. The Olympics were approaching and pregnancy was something that was troubling her a lot. Her doctor asked her to focus on the game and recommended Unwanted21 Days. She said this monthly contraceptive tablets keeps pregnancy away without any complications.

Today as she participates in the Olympics, I’m more delighted than her. I can see those young fiery eyes filled with dreams and a new zeal and enthusiasm.

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