I am Loved, I am Appreciated, I am Wanted


“It’s a girl child”, cried the nurse. Everyone had their own expectations and desires, but my husband seemed to be the happiest. This was the scene on the exact day 20 years ago. A new member had crawled its way into our lives and our family got completed.

And since that day until today, the affection towards his daughter has never faded away. He believed in her and the faith is still there. Not just him, but his daughter is also the same always crying out loud, “my daddy is the best”.

Nagging all the time, “Maa… why daddy is the coolest, why can’t you be like him”, someone please make her realize, just like daddy, she too is my lifeline. Giving up sleep every night when she was not fine, fulfilling the wishes, which couldn’t be mine. Tell her I love her just as much as her daddy, but I hide it in my strictness. I know a line should be drawn because too much of pampering always goes wrong.

I know, I might not be her hero, but a day will come when she’ll finally realize, that mamma too was the coolest. She will feel the same when she’ll be a mom herself. Till then, without any complaints, let her live the way it is, cause she is wanted.

Image Courtesy: bybconversations


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