I am Enjoying Motherhood

unwanted 21 days_I am Enjoying Motherhood

When we think of arranged marriage, two unknown families are the first things that strike our mind. It is one of the most beautiful relationships, but choosing a partner within the first meeting seems quite difficult. I was working in a different city and always tried to escape myself from such a situation. One day, my parents convinced me and I went home to meet the boy and his family.

The room was full of gossips and smiles but I was quite conscious. After a short interaction with the family, we both were allowed to have a conversation in private. Both of us were quite impressed by each other’s attitude. After 3 months we got married and enjoyed our marital life. After 2 years of our marriage, I entered the motherhood phase. For bringing up my child in the best manner, I gave all my time to him.

We had all our focus on our first child and were not ready for the second one. I went to my Gynecologist and discussed my problem with her. She advised me about Unwanted 21 Days tablets. As directed by her, I started the tablets from the first day of my menstrual cycle and after completing the first strip, I gave a gap of a week. Again from the 8th day, I started taking the tablets. I found it an easy process as I just need to take one tablet daily. Moreover, I feel free to execute my plans according to my preference.

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