Beethoven, Bach and Babies

Unwanted 21 days

I am a female orchestra conductor. Yes, I chose a career that is wholly dominated by men and I love it! I have been a master of my own decisions, mind and heart. And no one; I mean no one can take that away from me.

I was blessed with a family and later my husband who was always by my side. My work took me to all over the world. My husband has been my pillar of strength when it came to tough decisions like continuing with my career or taking care of the family. He always said, “Go and follow your dreams. That is the priority; everything else is secondary. We will have kids when we both are ready.”

When it came to having kids and when, we decided we will consult a good gynecologist. She advised us to go for an oral contraceptive. She said that Unwanted 21 Days is the best solution for women who want to delay their pregnancy or space the next child.

I have been taking Unwanted 21 Days for some time now and its results have been great. My lifestyle hasn’t changed a bit! Plus I can juggle between Beethoven, Bach and the dream of having kids at the right time.

Thanks Unwanted 21 Days for composing the perfect symphony in my life.

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