I Feel Free as a Bird

Unwanted 21 Days_Feel

Last summer, I went to Chennai for my friend’s wedding. While waiting for the flight back home with my friend, I saw a beautiful girl. She was sitting in the back row and was busy reading a book. Fortunately, I got a chance to interact with her in the security line. Surprisingly, I got my seat next to her and I started the conversation. She was traveling to Mumbai for her official meeting and it was her first visit to the city. We exchanged our contact numbers and I dropped her to her hotel.

I knew she was in Mumbai for more than a week. I really wanted to meet her but was hesitating in making a call. A few days later, I called her up and re-initiated our conversation. After this, we started talking to each other often. One day, she informed me that she was coming to Mumbai for three months. Moreover, she took a flat near my building so that we could enjoy time with each other.

Within this period, we decided to marry. After marriage, both of us were working and we were not ready for more responsibilities. This was one of the major concerns for us. I got worried for my future and decided to consult a gynecologist. She advised me to take one tablet of Unwanted 21 Days daily. With this tablet, I feel free to make future decisions.

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