What exactly is Unwanted21 Days?

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A Simple and an Effective Regular Oral Contraceptive Tablet, designed especially to prevent unplanned pregnancy.

Unwanted-21 Days comes in a monthly supply pack of 21 tablets which is to be taken from the 1st day of your menstrual cycle and is required to be consumed continuously for 21 days. After a gap of 7 days, start a new pack from the 8th day.

Unwanted-21 days suppress the released ovum (egg cell) from the Ovaries. It also makes it difficult for sperm to reach an egg, or for an egg to implant itself in the lining of the womb.

The Science behind Oral Contraceptive Tablets

Estrogen (Ethinyloestradiol) and Progestin (Levonorgestrel) are two female sex hormones. Combinations of estrogen and progestin work by preventing ovulation (the release of eggs from the ovaries). They also change the lining of the uterus (womb) to prevent pregnancy and change the mucus at the cervix (opening of the uterus) to prevent sperm (male reproductive cells) from entering.

Note: Oral contraceptives are an effective method of birth control, but they do not prevent the spread of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV, the virus that causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome [AIDS]) and other sexually transmitted diseases.

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