My baby and I

my baby

Ever since I got married, I feel blessed. I was blessed with a very loving family and husband. My in-laws don’t differentiate between my sister-in-law and me when it comes to the love and care. I am like their daughter.

I gave birth to a lovely daughter two years back and my family knew no bounds of happiness.

Everybody chipped in to help me in her care and upbringing. My husband, for the caring soul he is, advised me to accompany him to a gynecologist as he wanted the best for his first born. It is quite difficult to bring up a child and give them the best life they deserve if the age gap between them is not healthy.

So we did; we went to the gynecologist and she said that the best option for me to go through this time of waiting to have another baby was starting on oral contraceptive tablets. She advised me to have Unwanted 21 Days. I followed her advice optimally and have my tablets regularly. On the other hand my daughter is growing up fast and is a happy child. I give all the credit for my happiness to my husband and Unwanted 21 Days.

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