My favourite love story

Happy couple

Sex is a feeling, hard to resist, and evading this feeling is next to impossible. The feeling multiplies with our age, and at a certain time, this feeling becomes irresistible. College is a place where everyone loves to take a high roller coaster ride. We often do things without thinking of the consequences and present life with wild adventures. It’s an age pumped up with adrenaline rush and no controls on our hormones. A critical phase of our life and a wrong step can lead to blunder.

I too was inexperienced, but filled with wildness and limit was just a five letter word in the books. Although we were not dating officially, the whole batch knew that something was cooking between us. She used to visit my place but up till now nothing had happened. Maybe both of us were waiting for the perfect mood and the right time. So, the day finally arrived. It was a fine Sunday afternoon and I had an unexpected visitor at my place. I was surprised to see her as she had never shown up unannounced, but still greeted her with a hug. I asked her what made you show up that too without any notice. She simply answered, “Do I need a reason”. I was amazed by her boldness and it was the first time a connection was built. Slowly time passed and we were lying together watching a movie.

Were we really watching the movie or teasing each other?

I didn’t know what was happening, but I was having the best time of my life. Eventually, the foreplay began and things were no longer in our hands. Our hormones took over and there we were exploring each other passionately. Crossing the limit was never in my mind, but the feeling was irresistible and we lost it together.

This is how the greatest love story kicked off. Eventually, time passed and college was over. We had been together for 3 years, so we finally decided to tie the knot. Pairing up with her was the best gift I could have ever asked for. We had already discussed family planning, and with mutual consent, we deferred the pregnancy phase. Both of us knew, adding a new member to the family was not child’s play and we still weren’t ready to start this new journey.  But romance and intimacy never faded off and it replenished with time. Since getting her pregnant was never on the table, we hunted for ways to avoid unwanted and unplanned pregnancy. After plenty of research and tons of queries to her gynecologist, we finally reached a conclusion. The doctor recommended us to go for Unwanted21, an effective contraceptive tablets which erase all the risks and chances of getting pregnant.

Now, we are a happy couple, full of love and aiming to be successful without any hindrance.

Image Courtesy: viberectindia


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