Reduce the Risk of Cysts by Regular Contraceptive Tablets


If you are at a reproductive age, then you might be at the risk of developing a cyst. It may not be harmless or painful, but it can become worse, if neglected! Cyst can become a type of bomb which can explode anytime inside your body and become a threat to your life.

A woman generally has a typical menstrual cycle of 25-30 days and during that period, an egg is released from the ovary every month. This process is known as ovulation. The ovaries release one or more follicles. When this follicle grows larger, it becomes a cyst. It becomes larger than expected in a form of bubble, with an outer thin wall, filled with fluid.

The complication of a cyst is very rare, but once a woman is triggered with this problem, then she has two solutions, one to opt for. Either you can go for a surgery or you can opt for regular oral contraceptive tablets. You must be surprised what is the connection between contraceptives and cysts.

Regular contraceptive tablets are used to prevent ovulation and without ovulation the risk of ovarian cysts is reduced automatically. Although, it is not the only solution to prevent cyst, but it greatly helps to prevent the formation of new cysts.

Consult your gynaecologist, she may suggest you to go for a surgery if it is larger and painful or may recommend you to go for contraceptive tablets and reduce the chances of developing new cysts.

Image Courtesy: fertilitychef


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