Freedom- My Choice, My Right!


“Our marriage is not working out, I think I am gay!” says Judith as she was not happy with her married life and wants to get divorce.

A dialogue from a famous comedy series Two and a half men. While watching this episode, the other day, suddenly a thought hit my mind “why is it that after so many years of married life, people want to break up and opt to end their marriages?

Reasons may vary but the consequences are same!

My aunt being a marriage counselor clarified that regular fights and home violence is no more reason for divorces. Women are getting separated when they are not getting the desired freedom. Freedom to work, freedom at home, freedom from unwanted pregnancy and above all, freedom for happiness!

I think she is right. A marriage is an understanding between two individuals and they both are liable for each other’s happiness. Give that space where your relation can actually breathe. Create that closeness without any fear.

To strengthen your relation, a ‘sexiperiment’, will be beneficial. With sexiperiment, I mean a real sexual relation without the fear of unwanted pregnancy. (Consult your doctor for different options available to avoid pregnancy). A study says that frequent sex made women happier, less angry and less stressed. They experience the feeling of real freedom.

Make ‘love-making’ sessions a priority on your ‘to-do-list’. Ditch those sweats, lit candles; bring sex toys (if you really like them) and books, for that beautiful sensuous love.

Break all the barriers and prove it that your love is the best for your partner!

Image Courtesy: Mindbodyhealing


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