My Husband Proposed to Me in a Corporate Bash

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For my graduation, I went to a different city where everything was new to me. Few days later, I got some good friends and started enjoying college life. In the second year of college, I met a boy who became special to me. Our relationship continued for 3 years and I had immense feelings for him. At the time, when I was ready to take the next step in our relationship, he confessed that he was not interested in me. This completely broke my heart. All my future plans were shattered in a minute.

After this experience, I could not muster the courage to mingle with some other boy. I decided to stay alone and be strong enough to enjoy my life. I got a job in a different city and things changed for me. Here I met a boy who was always polite and helpful to me. Both of us were working on the same project and he guided me wherever I needed his help. Then, in the corporate bash, he expressed his love for me in front of all my colleagues. Two months later, we got married.

Few days after marriage, I told him that I was not ready to conceive and handle the responsibility of a baby. He understood my situation and supported me in my decision. Next day, we fixed an appointment with a Gynecologist and discussed our problem. She told me about Unwanted 21 Days which is a regular contraceptive tablet and has given good results. I started consuming the tablets as suggested by her and now I am free to work and plan my life according to my preferences.

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