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Happy Woman

A common observation together with various studies have made us conclude that girls are more emotional as compared to boys. They tend to give up too many things that gradually turn into forced acts than intended acts.

For a long time now, women are not appreciated for taking up a career of their choice, wear clothes of their choice, laugh their heart out in public, and also decide when to get intimate with someone.

A major concern is the threat to their freedom of expression. It is time that women say‘No’ to the things that they don’t want. Things that are ‘unwanted’ by them. Whether it is about what profession to pursue or when they want to enjoy the phase of motherhood.

Awareness is always better than cure. So ladies, keep yourself updated. Be it about the contraception methods or women rights in Indian society, your awareness is important. Also, it is your right to fight against the evils that hamper your growth and prosperity. You family, your partner or anyone who creates obstruction in your development, then it is time to fight for your rights.

Unwanted-21 days is on your side to support your decision at all times.

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