Braving the Avalanche

Unwanted 21 Days

I am a Ski instructor. Being in my profession, it means living in some of the most remote locations of the country during ski season. I am a married, independent, metropolitan girl who knows how to take important decisions in her life.

I did the same when it came to having kids. Of course, I want to have kids but not right now. I conveyed my wish to my family members and after much coaxing they understood.

My friends have been using Unwanted 21 Days since a long time and recommended me the same. I, however, couldn’t just take their word for it as it was a matter of my life and future. I went to a gynecologist and she advised me the same. She also appreciated me saying that this is the right thing to do at the moment.

My life changed for good. I am agile as ever and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks to Unwanted 21 Days, I braved a major ‘avalanche’ in my life.

Image courtesy: si


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