Contraception: Awareness is better than cure!

Despite of the fact that sex is still a taboo, bollywood has become more liberal on this subject. ‘B.A. pass’ or ‘Tere Sang’, Indian cinema has started focusing on the issues like sex and pregnancy. It may appear ‘masala’ to the viewers but in reality it comes with unique challenges.

One may experience as much as fun when engaged in sexual activity, but the truth is that the best way to protect from unwanted pregnancy is Awareness. It is important to have enough knowledge before sex as there can be unwanted outcomes from it. Indulging in sex without proper information and understanding may result in unwanted pregnancy and an increase in undesired sexual behaviors.

Contraception plays an important role when it comes to sex education. These contraceptive methods not only protect you from sexually transmitted diseases but also give you an option when and whether you want to have a baby.

Mainly there are two types of contraception:

  • Barrier Methods of contraception: These barrier methods prevent sperm from entering into uterus. Barrier methods include male condom, female condom, diaphragm, cervical cap, spermicidal foam etc.
  • Hormonal contraceptive methods: This method alters woman’s hormonal cycle and prevents fertilization. Hormonal methods include contraceptive tablets like Unwanted 21 and all those birth control methods that act on endocrine system.

Human curiosity has no bound. Moreover, in young adults’ sexual interest and the subsequent pressure to perform, prevents them from learning to control their sexuality. It creates a pattern that they tend to continue as adults. They often abuse their sexuality or permit others to do so. Learning to control our own sexuality and selecting a partner based on mutual respect can help from unwanted pregnancies.

An unwanted pregnancy in any relationship can bring disastrous changes for either one individual or for both. The awareness should be extended and young people need to be aware of the CONTRACEPTIVE METHODS available.


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