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RIO Olympics

Is there any doubt left about the strength of Indian women after their tremendous performance in Rio Olympics?

It is not only Rio Olympics, which prove their caliber. Their glory is not limited to just any particular field. Indian women excel in all spheres of professional and social life. They have proved innumerous times that they are strong enough to stand in the line of developed countries like USA and Australia, England etc. proudly. We have to let them grow so that our women can explore their full potential. Undoubtedly, they are capable enough of doing wonders. Strong women are the backbone of a strong nation. We must never bind their potential within four walls.

Women in India have been subjected to the honour killings and they were never given their basic rights like the proper education and social freedom. They are the victims who have faced violence and abuse in the male-dominated country so far.

It is high time that we change the scenario and make this nation a heaven for women. One cannot deny the fact that a developed woman develops a nation!

Image Courtesy: stillmedolympic


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