With Patience, Nothing is Impossible


Patience is a little word with a powerful meaning. You may have heard this many times that women don’t have patience as they can’t keep secrets within them. Even if for fun, the pun stands unfair, especially to the women having abilities to handle the all sorts of worldly issues with the powerful tool of patience.

From waiting for someone special to sorting lives at home, that waiting time is the most important phase of anybody’s life where the patience can be tested. But, that does not mean you always put a person into that complicated situation, where it becomes really difficult to maintain the same temperament.

You can’t ever compete with the patience of a woman. There are numerous situations which only a woman can handle. She has the capability to handle two homes at a time, a husband, kids, family, food, office and work every day, every moment.

Only a woman has the power and stamina to give birth to a baby by bearing up about 45 Del units of pain. You will be surprised to know that at the time of delivery, a mother can feel as high as 57 Del (units) of pain. This is similar to 20 bones getting fractured at the same time. Ouch is certainly not the word for that.

Let her decide when will be the best time for her to bear the pain. Let her mind and body decide the best time to give birth to a new responsibility of her life. Let her use her own method of contraception which is safe, secure and without any side effects. Let her think and live patiently.

Hats off to all the women for their Patience!

Image Courtesy: my-sisters-house


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