Simple “Hello” Led Us to Lifetime Buddies

Unwanted 21 Days_simple hello

I could never imagine that a simple “hello” would turn us from strangers to soul mates. While traveling, we constantly meet new faces, explore new things and try a variety of food. After fixed intervals, I always prefer to leave behind the stress of my corporate job and embark on the adventure. This time I was moving to a hill station and enjoy my life.

I boarded the train with my friend and we started enjoying our journey. The boy sitting next to us was of the same age. After spending few hours on the train, he interacted with us and we became friends. Surprisingly, he was also staying in the same hotel. For next three days, he accompanied us in all the activities like hiking, trekking, sightseeing or shopping. While returning we exchanged our contact numbers and promised each other to be in contact.

On Sunday afternoon, we met in a mall and spent a good time together. Then we started meeting often and enjoyed each other’s company. Soon, we decided to marry and convinced our parents. After marriage, we continued with our jobs too. As we were not ready for more responsibilities, I discussed my situation with my friend who is a Gynecologist. She told me to take the first tablet on the first day of my menstrual cycle and continue it for consecutive 21 days. After finishing the first strip, I had to wait for 7 days. Then, I was asked to start the second pack on the 8th day and continue the process in the same manner. I found it quite easy as I had to take just one tablet a day. Moreover, I felt free to plan my life according to my preferences.

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