If he says no, you should be prepared


No matter how strong we are, that tender touch of someone special is sure to titillate the nerves for a heavenly union. After all, we crave love and a life without inhibition seeks more of it. But, lovemaking is one step advance and needs more care and protection. It’s not about mere going high, it’s more than that. A simple mistake on his side can let you pay higher. Because, bringing a life in this world deserves proper planning, but making out does not. To make out, we need consent, and he might seek you a favour going unwrapped sometimes. And after all, we have been in love with that delightful friction since ages!

But, the metaphoric union of two souls involves two bodies as well. And when two bodies unite it is better you remain prepared to avoid anything unwanted. For those romantic days when none of you want to bring anything in between, you better you are friends with Unwanted 21. It is not just his responsibility to be careful. After all, love involves two, and so is the responsibility. So, in case he does not like to go protected, you don’t have to face the brunt.

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