I’m wanted!


The life of a girl isn’t easy. The hardships she deals with, the pain she goes through, remain unrecognized. Every passing day a new pressure in her way, but still the society doesn’t consider her say. Is being female a crime, in this ruthless society?

Feeling things very deeply, she is much more vulnerable to pain. Not believing in retaliating, we tend to make the mistake of labeling her weak. Men do take advantage, both at work or home. Cases of domestic violence, when will it stop?

Correcting this is my birthright, even if I have to strike. I will show labeling me weak was the biggest mistake you could commit. The strength which I hold onto will show you wonder. Tolerating the pain doesn’t mean I can’t shell out from this vain.

All of these I will do being the same, conquer the world and do much more. It’s time, I’ll shout out “I’m wanted”.

Image Courtesy: ihuffpost


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