Is Abstinence Good for a Relation?

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“Sex is a wonderful thing, but if you are not ready for it, then it’s okay not to be in a sexual relationship.”  

The quote makes sense for those who are single. Choosing not to have sex until marriage, can promote good communication in dating as the focus remains on knowing each other rather than on pleasure. Abstinence also plays an important role when you desire for a friend in your love.

But is abstinence good for a married life?

The marriage depends on the romantic ties with physical intimacy. And if you both are deciding on abstinence, you may ruin your married life (until you have a good understanding with your spouse). Just the fear of unwanted pregnancy cannot restrain you from the expression of love. With Unwanted 21 days, you get the freedom of love and intimacy. Moreover, regular contraceptive tablets give you the liberty of a planned pregnancy.

If you are unaware, unplanned pregnancies have a negative impact on Women’s Health. According to a study conducted by the National Partnership for Women and Families, 20.8 percent of women whose pregnancies were unplanned suffered from postpartum depression. It also elevated the risk of chronic medical conditions like obesity and diabetes. It has also been found that suffered from hypertension and cyanotic heart disease.

Let Unwanted21days be the reason of a healthy and happy relationship between you two.

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