Inspiring in her own ways


Setting opinions or judging people is a human tendency and we take no time to set the perception for others. Something similar is what I experienced a few days back.

Starting my career in a start-up company, I have got a chance to learn a lot. Maybe the almighty is being grateful by gifting me such wonderful seniors, who knows a lot and are always ready to guide a beginner. However, this isn’t my story. It’s about a lady, who I observed to be a very great professional.

“She is authoritative, and she is a powerful operation head.” 

But before beginning the story, let me ask you, what is strength? If you ask it to a lame guy gallivanting in the streets, you’ll never know, what it actually means. Lame people come up with lame answers, but try asking the same to an intellectual or a good observer. Strength is something internal, and not external. It comes from within and it guides you through every thick and thin.

Well, this was something I observed in her. Managing a start-up company is never a child’s play and the way she dealt with the issues was something very commendable. Talking to her and filling up my vase with her insights, I learnt a lot, about how to tackle some of the most crisis situations of life. Not just her managerial skills at work were appreciable, but she was a master at managing home too.

A woman like her is a perfect example of an independent and strong woman. She is free to make her own choices and she isn’t liable to anyone to decide, what she should do and what she shouldn’t. She is a real inspiration and Unwanted 21 Days, respects persona like her.

Image Courtesy: nmbreakthroughs


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