Being a Leader in the Family

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It’s an acceptable notion of our society that a father, a brother or a husband is the head of the family; but why? Is it only because they are physically and financially stronger? And are liable to perform both responsibilities together, whether at a personal level or at the professional front. Are these reasons strong enough to consider them as the leader of our lives?

Why this favoritism? Why do we create such differences? 

Hey men, we are accosted to you, here. If you are marrying a woman and welcoming her in your family, then it’s your accountability to respect, value and admire her, at all levels. If you are accepting orders from your female boss at the workplace, then what’s wrong with taking an advice or a suggestion from your wife. Trust me, no one can handle the worst of all situations in a better way, but your woman. She can manipulate the situation in an easy manner as she can strongly handle different kinds of people in different type of situations.

From giving an advice to brother, a suggestion to her father, an opinion to husband or solutions to colleagues; she is a solution of every problem. She knows it all and she knows it well, whether being practical or emotional depending upon the situation.

We are living in the 21st century, but still hesitating to say “I have to ask my wife or let me check, what my wife says?” Why?

She is performing all her duties, at home and in the workplace. Have faith on her and she will live up to your expectations. Give her a chance to express herself freely. See the magic, when you will tell her:

‘You are the star of my family, you are the boss of my life.’

Irrespective of the pain she suffers from, she plays many roles, from better halves to affectionate mothers. Say thanks to your sisters, mothers and wives who have made you self-reliant, well organized, spiritual, and lovable.

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